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Sale time on Wildpods and Wildshots

Updated: Oct 2

Stock up on all your favourite fragrances in the form of New Wildpod Soy Melts or the very popular Wildshots... there are heaps of scent choices to select from to use simply as they are or get creative and make your own blends!

Start simple... try equal amounts of 2 different fragrances, see if you like it... if you do, starting with equal amounts will make it easier to remember the 'recipe'... then, get adventurous.. try different percentages or just 'wing it'... the choice is yours...

Its a lot of fun creating your own signature blends.

Wildpods and Wildshots are on special for a short time so stock up and save!

SHOP NOW for Wildpods...

SHOP NOW for Wildshots...

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