Wild Wicks Wildfoot Fizzies are a decadent little bundle of delicious goodness for your feet!

Simply unwrap 1 -2 fizzies and pop them into a bucket of very warm water, grab your favourite drink, chuck on Netflix or Stan or whatever movie you want to relax to, gently lower you feet into the water and simply enjoy! Doesn't get much easier that that!

Wildfoot Fizzies are filled with Epsom Salts and Avocado oil to both soothe and moisturize your tootsies... a little bit of oil floats on the top layer of the water so when you take your feet out enlist someone to massage any residue on your legs... trust me, your feet will thank you... also, give you a little bit of 'me' time... in a world that is full of stress at the moment, simply stopping for half hour or so will definitely help.. even if its just a little bit...


Bicarb Soda
Epsom Salts
Citric Acid
Avocado Oil
Cosmetic grade Mica
Cosmetic grade Fragrance
TLC... lots of it!

Each Fizzy is measured using a level Tablespoon... measures 4.5cms across widest part and 1.75cms high.

Price is for 1 fizzy only..

Fixed $8.00 delivery for as may as you want!

Lime Cooler Wildfoot Foot Fizzy

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