Wild Wicks Soy Wildshots are a richly scented shimmery Soy Wax Melt for home or office.


A classic childhood combo of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.


Top Notes: Raspberry, Strawberry
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Violet
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Musk

Each hand poured Soy Wildshot is heavily scented with a delicious blend of cosmetic grade fragrances and/or essential oils and coloured using stunning Mica powders...
discover the gorgeous shimmer as they melt!

Burn time will depend on how you use it, the size of your burner and what fragrance you choose, some fragrances are stronger than others and may last a little longer.
Simply cut off a size piece you need for your burner.

As soon as you can no longer smell the fragrance, allow it to cool and solidify, pop out the melt, wipe the burner with a paper towel if needed and you are ready to place a new fragrance in or top up with your favourite... simple! You could also wait for it to slightly solidify as they cool and use a spoon to scoop the wax out... while it is still slightly warm and place back into your container and wipe away any wax residue.

Always burn on a heatproof plate away from breezes, animals and children. NEVER leave unattended!

Each Wildshot measures 5cms across and just over 2cms high.
Approx 35g packaged in a Reusable Recyclable Container

Postage is a flat rate of $8.00 - Australia wide.

Red Skin Lollies Wildshot Soy Melt

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