Wild Wicks Soy Wildpods are the perfect solution for fragrancing your home,office or event...


A winter favourite straight from grandmas kitchen, with slices of juicy apples, covered with brown sugar and cinnamon, and covered in a warm, baked crust.


Top Notes: Cinnamon, Grape

Middle Notes: Apple, Baked Bread

Base Notes: Brown Sugar, Vanilla


Each hand poured Soy Wildpod is heavily scented with a delicious blend of cosmetic grade fragrances and/or essential oils and will last up to 20-25 hours... depending on how you use it and what fragrance you choose, it may be longer.  Simply cut off a size piece you need for your burner. 

 As soon as you can no longer smell the fragrance, allow it to cool and solidify, pop out the melt, wipe the burner with a paper towel if needed and you are ready to place a new fragrance in or top up with your favourite... simple!


Each Wildpod measures 8.5cms across and just over 1.5cms high.

Approx 65g


Wild Wicks Hot Baked Apple Pie Wildpod Soy Melt

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