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Unique gifts to soothe the soul

Crafted by hand in South Australia

New Wildclay Polymer Clay Earrings... 'Rose Garden'



                                                             Wild Wicks Candles & Gifts are all handcrafted by me, in Lewiston South                                                                               Australia.  


                                                                     I am lucky enough to have a beautiful big studio to create till my                                                                                    hearts content... situated in the middle of many of acres of farmland...                                                                         listening to hundreds of native birds...

                                                         the perfect environment to 'Play' as I like to call it...


                                                   I have always been fascinated with candles and fragrance and how a simple scent                                             can instantly send to you to a past memory or emotion... or take you somewhere in your                                        imagination you have never been... uplift you or relax you after a busy day... to give your                                         home a wonderful glow.


I have been making my own candles for many years and eventually Wild Wicks Candles & Gifts evolved...

As well as Natural Candles I also create gorgeous handcrafted gifts that include Soaps, bath bombs

and anything that is created using paper.... (my guilty addiction), Fabric Wilddori Journals as

well as Unique Quandong Jewellery, Resin & Wood Pendants, and Floral Mandala

style paintings...


There is nothing better than receiving a unique, handcrafted gift... one that time

and love has been put into making it... or having you home scented with a

beautiful hand poured delicious Soy Candle... Trust me... they smell amazing!  

...So, grab a cuppa...  sit back and discover all that is Wild Wicks...


​Deb x

Wild Wicks started with a dream to share beautiful things that are handcrafted and unique... things made to share with others or simply treat yourself!



0409096861 / sales@wildwicks.com.au


4 Coombs Crt Lewiston SA 5501 Australia